Window Display

Your store is where your brand is, and that’s where our ideas are invested in. This is our favorite zone which needs to be excellent to attract the passers-by to come in and shop.

Highlight Your Brand’s Unique Personality & Showcase Your Products With Pride

This is our favorite zone which needs to be excellent to attract the passers-by to come in and shop. This is where we get our creative nerve working to bring imagination to reality and make interesting props. Call us next time you imagine something and want to work wonders for your collection!

Open Window Displays

In open window displays there are no walls or screens behind the display itself meaning shoppers can see directly through it and into the store beyond. The ambience of and activity within a store is allowed to flow into the window area and create excitement and intrigue amongst those walking by. This type of display is particularly effective for retailers that offer instore experiences and invest heavily in visual merchandising campaigns on the shopfloor.

Closed Window Displays

Unlike open displays, closed window displays have solid walls or screens that separate the display from the rest of the store. These walls can be permanent, architectural features of the store or temporary installations for a specific promotion. This type of display is an excellent choice if a brand wants to draw attention directly and exclusively to the products on show without distracting customers with other displays inside the store. Closed windows also offer visual merchandisers extra space in which to display products as shelves can be installed onto the wall used or for installing graphic displays and signage.

Semi-Closed Window Displays

Semi-closed window displays allow passers-by to see some elements of the store whist concealing others. They utilise a partition wall which, by only rising to a certain height above floor-level, mixes the structured display provided by closed windows with the inviting feel offered by open windows. Affordable and customisable semi-permanent screens can be created with free-standing TFS frames and graphics.

Elevated Window Displays

Elevated window displays can be open or closed, but are always located above ground level. This means that the products featured might be sitting on a plinth or within a shelving system. They are a popular choice amongst retailers of cosmetics and luxury items as these tend to be smaller and therefore easier to overlook. By elevating products to eye-level and illuminating them with strategic lighting, retailers can make sure that they catch the attention of passers-by.

Corner Window Displays

These are located at the corner of a store where two exterior walls meet at an angle. They mean that people can view products from two sides and enable retailers to create a sense of depth and visual drama within displays. Additionally, they are an opportunity for retailers to capture the attention of shoppers approaching from multiple directions – something which can be aided by the use of spot lights, striking graphics and illuminated signage.

Island Window Display

Island window displays require large amounts of space and so are only seen within department, flagship and anchor stores. They are used to prevent displays being lost within huge open spaces by bringing our attention directly onto a select range of products. Island displays are typically built using a series of shelves and ‘float’ in the middle of an open space, a unique feature which allows shoppers to walk around the entire display and see products from every angle.

Shadowbox Window Displays

Shadowbox window displays are normally smaller than other types of displays. They are box-shaped windows that sit in recesses within a storefront and are often used by jewellery and cosmetic retailers to draw attention to small, detailed products that would be lost if placed within larger displays. They help foster an intimate atmosphere as they are typically viewed by one person at a time.