POP/POS Displays

Visual merchandising is key to any successful marketing strategy and POP Displays are central to its success. Explore the most suitable display solutions for your brand.

Maximize Your Brand Exposure From Every Angle With Elegance.

Customized fabrications for your point of purchase display to suit your product design or festive theme plays an important role for your product to be chosen among 100 others in the competition. We can craft these custom displays in different materials like wood, Acrylic, Forex, Styro or Metal. Interesting POS boosts your sale and VAAO Ensures the best fabrication for good output.

Counter Branding

Checkout area is a critical part of a retail store — and it’s not just because it’s the space where customers ring up. With the right approach and a right branding partner, your counter can also drive sales, increase exposure, and give shoppers a lasting impression.

Die Cut Standees

Get excellent cut-out standees that can meet any specification. Cut out standees are an inexpensive promotional tool that can be produced in any shape or size. Whether your standee is a life-size cut-out of your brand sponsor or a standee replica of your product, we can help make your vision come true.

Display Shelves

Numerous studies have shown how shelf signage affects consumer decision-making. Many of these studies have chosen to focus on how retailers can prompt buyers to make the choices. We offer a range of shelf advertising methods to suit various shelf types and purposes.

Gondola Display

Gondolas are two-sided, standalone shelving units that also appear in larger, more open areas of a store. They have adjustable shelves, which makes them customizable to accommodate different sized products. While they typically are made with steel frames and pegboard, there are options for brands to promote their product through graphics and an attractive color scheme.

Dump Bins

A great advantage of dump bins is that they are standalone displays, and can be strategically placed to be seen or interacted with from all angles. They are also usually made out of cardboard or are otherwise customizable, so bins are a great opportunity to get creative with how you project your brand’s image.